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Albania Adventure

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Don Bosko, Tirane
776 shikime


"Albania - Unknown Beauty, which all admire, but many dread to view."
Albania a small country of scenic beauty and unique cultural and historical heritage has got great possibilities.
Albania has a lot to offer for adventurers and tourists: spectacular views, unspoiled coastlines, fantastic beaches, described by foreign visitors as "the last wild beaches of Mediterranean", high and craggy mountains in the north and ancient cities with historic monuments, museums as well as archeological sites and castles all, within 3 hours flying time of most major European cities.
Albania Adventure is a licensed agency specialized in organizing good quality tour guides like Trekking, Hiking, Kayak, Diving, Rock Climbing, Ski Climbing, Off Road and Outdoor Sports and Extreme Adventures, all this thanks to ground teams and professional guides.
This agency was created in 1998 by Vladimir Dedndreaj, a person who loves outdoor life, ready to share with others his passion and desire to explore the beauties of Albania, always guided by the spirit of adventure. Soon he was joined by other friends, also professional guides.
During these years their adventures took them from east to west, from north to south, being known and familiar to people of different regions and cultures of the regions they had crossed. During all these years of exploration, they knew better than anyone else the Albanian territory.
This passion for life in nature was shared in years with thousands of tourists from around the world, who chose to visit Albania and to live the Albanian adventure.
Throughout the years, Albania Adventure guides are constantly trained and professionalized, all this thanks to the support provided by their European partners.
Members of the Albania-Adventure are trained regularly in order to be always updated and in great shape, our guides also speak fluent English, Italian and French. Albania Adventure staff is composed of 8 adventure guides and 3 office operators.
If you have decided to explore Albania, then we invite you to come and live a real adventure with Albania Adventure!
Albania Adventure makes possible the exploration of Albania through the following activities:
This activity consists of an interleaving route of long itineraries from 3-15 days, where walking starts early in the morning, in pathways, avoiding in maximum driving roads, and ends late in the afternoon. The specialty of this activity is that from the first day until the last day of peregrination we are in contact only with nature.
Trekking is mainly realized in mountainous areas and in the Alps. When we go trekking groups always sleep in tents, we also cook in camp tents.
Every morning before we start walking the entire camping is disassembled, loaded on mules and mounted again in the evening, when we reach the place specified in advance. When we go trekking, we never go to restaurants or hotels.
This activity is suitable only for practical people and adapted to outdoor life and for people who know how to cooperate and live in group.
Our agency has all the necessary tools for camping. This experience may be organized as a private tour with one or two people even for large groups with the maximum number of 150 persons, we can mention here the excellent experience of the world famous Company Salewa, which experienced this experience with its staff.
To enjoy Trekking adventure the maximum ideal number of participants would be 8-12 people.
Adventure Trekking is one of the most interesting ways to explore Albania and to live in a real contact with nature.
This activity consists mainly in pursuing paths that reach toward the peaks of the Alps and their occupation. Adventure Hiking is an activity that is performed in the Alps and high mountains.
Hiking can be from 1 day to 7-8 days. When we go hiking we always book in hotels or guesthouses. Breakfast and dinner are eaten there while lunch is taken away, obviously something practical and suitable for hiking in nature.
The difference between hiking and trekking is precisely this: When we go hiking, we accommodate adventurers, every night in a hotel or a guest house while when we go trekking we always sleep in tents, which are always taken away during the march.
When we go hiking, food is always provided by the place where we are accommodated while in trekking food is kept away from us and cooked by the group in terms of nature.
In Hiking to go close to the paths and for reaching peaks, there are used motor vehicles 4x4, while in Trekking to go close the paths we have the mules or horses, which are loaded with tents, kitchen equipment, food and all other materials necessary for the campground.
To go hiking it needs a good physical preparation.
Kayak Adventure is a nice and sportive way to explore the seas and lakes of Albania with the strength of your arms and at the pace that you like. With the Kayak you will be able to explore the beaches, bays, caves which is impossible to reach by road.
This activity is organized with two-seat Kayak suitable for expeditions on lakes or the sea. Kayaks are sure and with ample spaces to keep food and materials needed for the campground.
With a Kayak you can go to the shores, visit beaches and select one of them to set up a camp and spend the night and again the next day, to continue your adventure.
To create a clearer idea about Kayak Adventure, please click here to see an example.

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