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Franck, one of the most successful food production and export companies in Croatia, started its long history and fine tradition over 120 years ago. The story of Franck goes back to 1827, when a young and ambitious German entrepreneur named Johann H. Franck managed to produce a coffee substitute using chicory root.

The factory in Zagreb opened in 1892 and its activities were initially based on Johann H. Franck's idea of turning chicory into a coffee substitute. Since then, due to its expansion to the regional markets and investments in research, development and innovation, the company has become a symbol of visionary, entrepreneurial spirit and progress, and an excellent international business tradition.

We at Franck are extremely proud of the fact that entire generations have grown up with our products, and that even today, 120 years after its founding, the name Franck stands for a guarantee of superior quality. That is the basic principle the company has been built on, and represents the backbone of our business. Behind each of our products stand great dedication, industry and diligence; rich and expert knowledge and experience; great insight into the market and the consumer needs; and significant investment in growth and innovation. Nowadays, this valuable heritage is coupled with the dynamics of modern business, innovative approach and advanced technology.

We operate under the assumption that we are not only bringing products to our consumers, but also sharing with them all the love and passion that we invest in the development of those products and their marketing. Our aim is to provide inspiration with our coffee, contentment and peace with our tea, and joy and merriment with our snacks. These are invaluable experiences and memories that, along with the richness of tastes, flavors and aromas, simply make life better.

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