Crossing the Border of Albania.
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Crossing the Border of Albania.

The nationals of the European Union, Canada and the United States can enter the country without needing to secure a visa first and can stay there up to 30 days.

Crossing the Border of Albania.
Crossing the Border of Albania.
Nga: Xhesjana Topalli
Publikimi: 21/05/2017 12:12

If the vacation is longer than 30 days than they can choose to go outside the country, in a Schengen area for example, and then renter Albania thus gaining the right to another 30 days in the country. Transit passengers do not usually require a visa. Lastly, the nationals of Norway, Bulgaria, and Turkey also do not need visas in order to enter the country.

With regards to items that you can bring into the country, it is worth mentioning that food is strongly discouraged from being declared at the customs and that if you have alcoholic beverages with you, you must be 18 years or older to carry them into the country. Once you land at the Mother Teresa Airport in Tirana, you will have no problems finding transportation into the city. The airport is 25 miles from the city and there are numerous taxis waiting just outside the airport. It is ok to bargain with the cab driver, but please dont forget to leave a tip at the end of your ride (usually 10% of the total cost) as it is nice, courteous gesture.

You can also enter into Albania via Corfu. Flights start about £150 return depends were you flying from. Once you arrive in Corfu airport get a taxi for the main port. In June, July and August there are ferries that take you across to the port of Sarande 2 to 3 times a day.

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